2nd Workshop on
Social and Algorithmic Issues in Business Support

Knowledge Hidden in Text

In conjunction with the 6th Language and Technology Conference - LTC 2013

Join us on December 7-9, 2013 in Poznan, Poland

http://saibs.cs.put.poznan.pl saibs@cs.put.poznan.pl

Knowledge and New Paradigms Hidden in Text

Social trend observed in networking and business activity has several roots. First - it is a challenge for many of us to share our experience and productivity and become recognizable. Second - social or crowd creativity is a process of merging efforts and distributed resources in order to produce new quality and new products. Third - utilizing social energy and productivity may give beginning to new business paradigms. Among a variety of artifacts stored in computer networks text resources play an important role. Books, articles, reports, subtitles, comments, tables of data, e-mails, passwords and other textual feeds are easy to produce, easy to transfer, relatively easy to translate and very attractive to process and analyze. 2nd SAIBS is a place where we want to discuss methods of knowledge discovery in text, its visualization and commercialization.

An important contribution of social power is software developed and hosted by volunteers and distributed on word-of-mouth recommendation. By the way... isn't nowadays word-of-mouth derived from mining textual and multimedia content delivered via the Internet? During the workshop session we want to face social contribution to business processes taking into account possible benefits and risk factors. How far can business relay on social input? What are the limits or what are the areas where introducing crowdsourced parts may increase overall risk value to unacceptable level? What are social benefits gained by mining and aggregating knowledge derived from analysis social artifacts presented in text or other forms in global computer network.

Algorithmic trading (algo trading) practiced on stock markets and Forex trading platforms arises as a new challenge for algorithm designers. This field of knowledge and practice grown from human-eye analysis of text tables collecting series of prices is a good example how far computer algorithms can outperform humans in precision, speed and accuracy. During 2nd SAIBS we would like to face the phenomenon of social trading, compare models of passive income from trading systems based on algorithmic and social recommendation and discuss algo-trading boundaries. Should algorithmic trading become a part of computing science curricula? Finally we are also interested in research works which analyze crowd behaviour collected in text tables or visualized in form of charts.

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